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KÜRA - Ihr Spezialist für die Verarbeitung von Plexiglasprodukten und Acrylglasprodukten

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Acrylglas und Plexiglas Torverglasungen

Welcome to KÜRA - specialists in the machining of acrylic glass & plastics

KÜRA is your expert partner in the acrylic glass and plastics machining sector. Irrespective of whether a project involves high-volume production for the automotive and aviation industries, individualised, one-off fabrication within the furniture sector or acrylic glass panes for sectional doors. Küra implements concepts in acrylic glass and plastics for an unbelievably diverse array of applications in everyday life.

With a wealth of experience in the processing of thermoplastics amassed over a period of 35 years, and over 40 specialised members of staff, we have evolved into one of Europe's leading providers in the area of acrylic glass and plastics machining. With a responsiveness that is conceivable only in an owner-managed family enterprise.

We develop and manufacture customised designs in acrylic glass: customised display, shelving and showcase systems, shop interiors, illuminated boxes, furniture, accessories and trophies. We can leverage our efficient vacuum forming technology to fabricate functional components made from the most diverse types of plastics for high and low-volume technical applications. This technology is also used to fabricate attractive displays for the consumer industry.

In the door glazing category, catering to sectional doors, roller shutters, sliding doors and overhead shutters, we offer you double-skin panes in your preferred density and will partner with you reliably on construction projects or on the replacement of panes in existing structures.

We stock more than 3,000 format panels for in-house processing in our state-of-the-art cutting centre. We also fabricate extruded profiles for furniture manufacture, the automotive sector, swimming pools and the electronics industry. In the solarium panels business vertical, we are your leading OEM in Europe.

We shall be happy to be of assistance!      

Hochfunktionale Acrylglascheiben für Tore, Hallen und Gebäude

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